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Our Advisory Board

Wings to Fly Initiative


Frans Kriger

Advisory Board Member

Frans Kriger was born on April 4, 1955. He is a devoted husband and a proud father of two sons. Throughout his career, Frans served as a senior lecturer at a prominent university of applied sciences.

He is recognized as a valuable member of ICEFIL (International Centre of Excellence for Innovative Learning), where he actively contributed to the advancement of innovative learning approaches. Frans also held the position of Manager of Content, showcasing his expertise as a trainer, coach, and mentor.

Despite entering retirement, Frans Kriger’s passion for education and his commitment to learning innovations remain unwavering. His legacy continues to inspire those around him as he utilises his wealth of experience to make a positive impact in various capacities.


Hans-Van bergen

Advisory Board Member

Hans pursued his passion for music and education in the Netherlands, where he completed his studies in Singing and Music Teaching at the esteemed Conservatorium of Arnhem. For an entire decade, he found joy in both singing professionally within a choir and imparting musical knowledge to children.

In 1994, a new chapter began as he was appointed as a Music Professor at the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. Over the years, this role allowed him to blossom into an educational innovator, leaving a positive impact on the institution. His journey even took him to Kakuma on several occasions, where he lent his expertise to enhance ICT in teacher training programs.

Though he has entered a well-deserved retirement, his spirit of giving back remains strong. Despite the limitations that come with this phase of life, he continues to contribute in any way he can.


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Wings to Fly Initiative is a refugee-led community-based organization that believes in the collective power of ideas of a community in order to hack the most fitting solutions to the most pressing issues within our communities and the humanitarian sector at large.