parents feedback

Parent feedback on our first SLP cohort.

We are extremely happy to reach this first parent feedback session on our project“ scaling learning through play. Thanks to Cohere and Lego foundation for your generous support and really partnership granting us the opportunity to nature the future young generation using.

parents feedback

It was truly exciting and remarkable to hear parents sharing the great impact the project had to its children. Listen to these wonderful and motivating words.

“The first week, my child was attending the class , never realizing they were learning! Because it was more of play and enjoyment. With that, my child fostered a love for learning and exploring new learning styles. Dueling in the class session, the project mostly cultivated a sense of collaboration, encouraging children to work together and communicate effectively. Moreover, It was heartwarming to see many children who enrolled in the project discovering new things and applying what they had learned from Wings to Fly Initiative learning center during their playtime at home. 

The impact of the scaling learning through play project was evident in my child’s enthusiasm for learning and her improved cognitive abilities.

Overall, the project demonstrates the power of integrating education with play showing that learning can be both effective and enjoyable for children.  I am regretful for the opportunity my child had to participate in such a valuable and enriching experience.”

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