Are you ready to make a meaningful impact and be a part of a transformative initiative? If yes, then you’re in luck! Wings to Fly Initiative is excited to announce that we are expanding our team, and we’re looking for passionate individuals like you to join us on our journey. Thanks to the generous funding from the SLP project by WeAreCohere, we are now able to offer some incredible opportunities to help us drive positive change and create a lasting impact.

Introducing the “Scaling Learning Through Play” Project:

Within the heartbeat of this opportunity lies our newly launched project, “Scaling Learning Through Play.” This innovative endeavor is designed to kindle the curiosity of young learners, impart vital life skills, and invigorate education through interactive engagements. As part of this project, we’re introducing the transformative Collab-Innovate: Build, Create, and Solve (BCS) Course. This course is tailored to address challenges faced by children in Kakuma Refugee camp, cultivating problem-solving, innovation, and collaboration skills to empower them for life’s journey.

Our Calling:

  1. Project Coordinator 

Become the orchestrator of change as the Project Coordinator for “Scaling Learning Through Play.” Collaborate intricately with our devoted team to architect a seamless orchestration from inception to realization. Your adept organizational prowess and resource management skills will set the rhythm of our success. In this role, you’ll steer the project towards impact, ensuring the synchronized execution of initiatives. Explore the Project Coordinator role and anchor our aspirations in reality.

  1. Logistics Assistant 

Detail is the brushstroke that paints success. As a Logistics Assistant, you’ll craft the backdrop for impactful events and endeavors. Operating in the shadows, your precision and astute problem-solving will weave the tapestry of seamless experiences. Your meticulous approach will guarantee the synergy between vision and execution. Explore the Logistics Assistant Role here and be the unsung hero of our mission.

  1. Community Engagement Assistant 

Forge connections that transcend boundaries as a Community Engagement Assistant. Within the context of the “Scaling Learning Through Play” project, you will rally children, parents, and guardians within the community. Your mission encompasses fostering unity, amplifying participation, and nurturing mentorship. You will be the embodiment of community ownership in every project facet.

Explore the Community Engagement Assistant Role Here and shape a network of change.

  1. Impact Facilitator

Enkindle the flames of discovery, creativity, and critical thinking as an Impact Facilitator. Within the “Scaling Learning Through Play” project, you’ll guide young minds on a path of transformation. Empower students aged 9 to 14 with the tools of problem-solving, collaboration, and innovation through interactive sessions. Explore the Impact Facilitator Role here and sculpt future changemakers.

  1. Support and Safety Staff (2 Positions)

Safety is our cornerstone. As Support and Safety Staff, you’ll be the sentinels of our sanctuary, ensuring the well-being and security of our premises and beneficiaries. Your presence will instill trust and security among our community members, both young and old.
Explore the Support and Safety Staff role here

  1. Cleaner and Facility Maintenance Assistant 

Craft an environment that nurtures growth as the Cleaner and Facility Maintenance Assistant. Your dedication to cleanliness will create a vibrant and safe learning environment for our community learning center. Your care for our space will directly contribute to the well-being of our young learners. Explore the Cleaner and Facility Maintenance Assistant Role here

How to Join Us:

Ready to take flight? Here’s how:

  • – Navigate the roles through the provided links.
  • – Reflect on your journey, ensuring synergy with the role.
  • – Envision your impact, and craft your resume and cover letter.
  • – Seamlessly submit your application through the details provided and clearly state the position you’re aiming for.

Unity in Diversity, Amplification of Impact:

Wings to Fly Initiative thrives on diversity, embracing voices from diverse realms to craft a symphony of innovation, compassion, and progress. Together, we sculpt a future where borders fade, and education flourishes for young refugee learners.

Stay Engaged:

To journey with us and be informed of forthcoming opportunities, stay connected via social media.

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