Our Programs and Initiatives

Our Current Programs and Initiatives

Boosting Refugee Integration through Language Acquisition (BRISLA)

Our program, “Boosting Refugee Integration through Language Acquisition (BRISLA)“, is being implemented in Kakuma refugee camp since 2021, and it has had a tremendous impact on the lives of refugees living in the camp. The project focuses on providing language education classes to both adults and young people, with a primary focus on English language acquisition as a tool to promote peaceful coexistence, access to quality education, and fighting against poverty.

We understand that language proficiency is a critical component of effective communication and integration, and we are dedicated to providing refugees with the skills they need to communicate with their host communities and access essential resources. 

Through our language education program, we provide refugees with the tools they need to improve their communication skills and engage with their host communities. We believe that by promoting effective communication, we can reduce misunderstandings and promote peaceful coexistence among different communities in the refugee camp.

Our program was designed with the objectives to:

  • To provide language education classes to both adults and young people in Kakuma refugee camp, with a focus on English language acquisition.
  • To improve refugees’ communication skills in English, both written and spoken, to enable them to effectively communicate with their host communities.
  • To create a sustainable program that can continue even after the end of the project.

Through this project, we have recruited a team of dedicated volunteers from the refugee community who play a vital role in facilitating the language education classes. We have also established a learning center where refugees can attend language classes and access other educational resources.

In addition to language education, our project also aims to create a platform called Ground Based Youth Committee for Change Network, where refugees or program alumni can participate and apply their leadership skills. Through this platform, we aim to facilitate mentorship opportunities for learners and provide refugees with a space to network, improve their communication skills, and develop a sense of belonging.

The Ground Based Youth Committee for Change Network is designed to create sustainability for the program in the area, as it will provide a space for refugees to continue learning and growing beyond the scope of our language education classes. By building a strong network of leaders and mentors, we believe that we can empower refugees to become agents of change in their communities and promote positive growth and development.

Through our program, refugees can access essential education and other resources that improve their quality of life. By participating in the Ground Based Youth Committee for Change Network, they can develop valuable skills and relationships that will support them in their journey towards self-sufficiency and independence.

At Wings to Fly Initiative, we are passionate about empowering refugees through education and creating a sense of community and belonging. We believe that by providing refugees with the skills they need to communicate effectively and develop leadership skills, we can help them build better futures for themselves and their families.

Upcoming Programs and Initiatives

At Wiings to Fly Initiative, we are committed to empowering young people and communities through essential skills and knowledge that can transform societies and drive sustainable change. We believe that access to education and training in areas such as arts, livelihood and resilience, and health can unleash the potential of young people and communities to create a better future for themselves and their surroundings.

Our Arts Education program intends to offer a series of well-structured Bootcamps that equip young people between the ages of 13 and 18 with actionable skills in arts and creativity. Through these Bootcamps, young people can unleash their potential and become agents of change, improving their own lives and communities in the process.

Our Livelihood & Resilience Education program focuses on providing communities with the capacity-building support they need to strengthen and improve the productivity of their activities. We are developing a step-by-step structure to deliver training in areas that can help communities build resilience and become more self-sufficient.

In our Health Education Program, we are also looking forward to creating health-related training and community awareness programs to educate refugees and host communities on wellness and wellbeing. Our goal is to promote healthy behaviours and practices that can improve the quality of life for everyone.

While we have not yet started implementation, we are actively seeking the resources, partners, and funding we need to make these initiatives a reality, for at WFI, we believe that by investing in the skills, knowledge, and potential of young people and communities, we can drive meaningful change and create a better future for all.

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