We are excited to have a team of 5 more volunteers joining us to deliver results and transform the lives of people in the communities we are serving. It is also a terrific opportunity for them to join and contribute to our super collaborative team and make an impact across the sector that spans strategy and implementation. They have come onboard with diverse skills in teaching second languages, something that we at thinkwithme-education are proud of because we believe in diversity and recognize it as one of the gears of transformation. Huge congratulations to them!courtesy of Think-education

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  1. How good is it to have people volunterly help us after identifying the need to be responded to! big up to the initiators and other people supporting the diverse refugee students get accelerated learning to boost the performance in the schools in refugees camp.

  2. This is a great impact to the society. I appreciate your services and contributions towards the society at large.

  3. I am thankful to God and Think With Me team for making this real! I never knew and believe that we could graduation our first cohort without any financial support from the beginning of our project up to today. I know you are serving the refugee and marginalized community in a very bad condition but keep doing good things for people and one day you will be paid back in unexpectedly way.
    Thank you again.

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